Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sameer Kamat and Booksoarus

Posting after a long time.
I tried writing in English last year; and found it fun. Have been on longer writing projects for the past two years, with the screenplay, a Tamil novella, an English novel and a second one that I am writing now. The intensive writing is enjoyable and I learnt a lot.
For commercial English fiction, for the first time, you can at least make "submissions" and have your work read. That is a great relief compared to Tamil publishing where you have no idea where to go. Many English publishers have websites where they specify submission rules.
It is easy to learn the after-writing submission process online. I learnt some details from Sameer Kamat's website here.
Sameer has published a non-fiction book called Beyond the MBA Hype (Harper Collins); but he also offers useful information on the publishing industry, self-publishing, literary agents and so on.
He has recently founded a new website named It offers advice on creative writing. I am hoping it would become a forum for Indian writers.
I will be back to regular posting soon, if anyone is reading at all.