Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Letter on Intelligent Design published in the Metro

This is the text of the letter written by me to the Philadelphia Metro magazine and published on Oct 4 2005:
This letter concerns Christine Flowers' column about
the Dover "Intelligent Design" trial(Metro -
Christians should realise that no other religion in
the world has problems with teaching evolution. Even
"fundamentalist" Islamic countries teach evolution.
Thus, the issue is not simply a separation of church
and state. It is about the separation of the Christian
church and state. Teaching intelligent design in
schools is thus not a matter of religious freedom, but
actually of religious discrimination against other
The same goes for the Pledge of Allegiance. I am a
Hindu and believe in a Goddess, and thus the pledge's
"Under God" statement is an infringement on my
religious beliefs. In fact, my religion lets me
believe in multiple gods and goddesses. To accomodate
the beliefs of all religions in this simple pledge
would be impossible.
Religious Christians should stop representing these
issues as a matter of religious freedom: It is their
usual zealotry to force their beliefs on others.


Sailesh Ganesh said...

It totally echoes some thoughts that I've been having. Hinduism in fact teaches us about evolution in the Dashavataram, starting from a fish - Matsya avataram - to Krishna, who is learned in all the shastras and the 64 sciences. It is about time people here start realising that Christianity is not the 'only truth'.

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