Sunday, July 22, 2007

A Dacoit named Dadua

Rediff says here that the UP Police (best Police in India, as Vijaykanth would say) has killed a dacoit named Dadua.
Dadua was based somewhere near the Chambal, is my guess. My first reaction was:"Aren't they building apartment complexes there?".
Second was "His name was Dadua??!" Whatever happened to the really scary names such as Gabbar Singh? All that Dadua reminds me of is milk powder.
Upon further research I found that his real name was Shiv Kumar Patel - he was a Patel! Apparently disillusioned with the stock market and the hectic life in Mumbai, he stepped out to UP and became a dacoit. That is still a career option over there.
The first thing he did was rebranding - whoever heard of a dacoit named Shiv Kumar Patel? So he hired KPMG who ofcourse came up with "Dadua".
The UP police have caught him after 35 years of searching; he was close to dying of old age.
He is apparently the worst dacoit after Veerappan - now we can have a North-South fight over who was the better dacoit.

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