Saturday, March 28, 2009

Couple of references to bloggers in television

Quick post - I heard a couple of references to bloggers in television recently.
1. A.R.Rahman mentioned the fans in the web who have been fighting a war between Ilayaraja and himself.
2. More curiously, there is a music talent show called Airtel Super Singer in Vijay TV. The voice trainer for the singers, Anant Vaidhyanathan, mentioned that one of the contestants, RaginiSri was upset that the bloggers were abusing her. He said, "What do they call it? Blogs?" and I felt a moment of pride. I have not written about the show, but I hope to hear more refernces to bloggers as opinion makers.

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balaarjunan said...

Yes, even news channels have started referring blog posts. Bloggers are getting famous day by day. :) good to see the trend