Friday, January 01, 2010

Airtel Super Singer Junior 2009 Update - I

(Updated Below with Priyanka's wild card performance)

I am following this show as much as possible on Vijay TV.
Initially I was disappointed in the kids' performances - except for Alka Ajith who seemed like a prodigy. But it is obvious the training is helping a lot. The remaining kids now (except for Monisha and Srikanth) are very talented and capable singers.
The poor boys, particularly older ones are at a disadvantage - their voices are ready to break and sound awkward. The girls, of course, do not have this problem. Many of them sound ready for play back singing right now. I liked Sowmya, Priyanka and SreeNisha (Amazing voice). I liked Oviya for her command and versatility.
The question is Alka. Somehow I thought she was unbeatable in the beginning, and judges (particularly Chitra) obviously love her. But I have begun to not like her singing as much. Her performance in the "Playback first song" round held this week was not good and her song selection is generally mediocre. I think she is being spot selected because of past performances and not so much for her current performances. I still would like to listen to her sing "Udhaya Udhaya".
The orchestra is atrocious - Vijay TV has completely messed up their role in providing a good experience. They sound like the orchestra played in kinder garten fancy dress competitions.
I am also annoyed about them bringing Srikanth into the contest - he is too young and seems to be there as a show piece for people to consider cute. I feel sorry for him - his parents should have waited before bringing him into a singing circuit. And the misery is being prolonged by passing him on in every round. It is an embarassment.
Ignoring "winning" the prize, I think all of these singers (except for Monisha and Srikanth) are good.
Right now, my favorites are (the contest will probably be not won by these kids):
Roshan - he is very sincere and a great singer. His voice will break later, but his performances (such as Poove Sempoove, Raathiriyil Poothirukkum, Pon Maane) have been superlative.
Bala Sarangan - this kid has improved a lot over the past few rounds.
Sree Prasanna - this kid will likely be eliminated; his pitching still breaks, voice is not perfect and because of that he is not confident. BUT, he has something - his nuances are very, very appealing. He shines in certain renderings. I thought his "Jab Deep Jale Aana" was very, very good in certain places - particularly for his age.
Vishnu Charan - this kid chooses very different songs; he sang "Pitchai Paathiram" from "Naan Kadavul"; "Vasantha Mullai" and this week he chose "Unakkaena Pirandhen" from "Kaadhal". He has no classical training but good musical sense.
Of all the kids, I enjoy listening to Roshan, Sree Prasanna, Vishnu Charan and Sree Nisha the most.
Let us see how they fare.
Here is a video of Alka, Vishnu Charan and Roshan singing "Poo Vaasam" from "Anbe Sivam". Three different versions and all good:

Update I:
The below (Maraindhirundhe Paarkum, Priyanka, 3rd week of May, Starts at 1 minute into the video) is one of the best EVER live performances I have heard. This girl's voice is just amazing. She can directly go into playback singing. I have already heard the song ten times in the space of a day.


Anonymous said...

srikanth's parents making him to do lots in this age as judge chitra said. but its too early for him& long way ahead. as his voice is like a mice caught in trap at times.
ROSHAN - is the clear winner.(hardwork,sincerity,dedication,voice culture.)
SARATH - immensely talented could be runner up.

Anonymous said...

It is mere politics by mano.
All the best of rroshan adn sharath